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How to get rid of lice?

my daughter has lice and we have been fighting them for three months! She starts school next week and we still can't get rid of them. My husband nor I have got them. We have use nix, oil, hair dryer, rx, and mayo. What ealse am I missing? Help please!

How to get rid of lice?

You have to get rid of them in her bedding and in your house, and in her toys/stuffed animals. They lay eggs. They hatch.

Wash her bedding, throw out pillows, buy new. Wash everything in her room, any clothes laying around, vacuum her bed, dispose outside immediately of the vacuumed "dust." Spray with Nix or Rid lice household spray.

At walmart they have a lice comb, that a fellow-teacher uses all the time when she gets worried about getting lice. It is made by Nix or Rid and it sends waves throughout the hair shafts and zaps the little bugs, but to us it is just like using a regular comb. I think they are about $20.

IT'S CALLED ROBI COMB.Finally, Eliminate Head Lice Safely and Gently without having to put your child in the bathtub!

As the comb slides through DRY hair, it makes a soft humming sound until it encounters a louse. At that time, the sound stops and a small electrical charge passes from one of the comb閳ユ獨 teeth through the louse and instantly killing the louse. Using the small brush included in the package, the user removes the dead louse from the comb閳ユ獨 teeth and resumes combing. The comb can be stored and used repeatedly by the entire family.

Detects, Kills and Removes Head Lice %26amp; Nits

Can be used repeatedly by the whole family

Powered by a Single AA Battery

But, if you don't get rid of them in her environment, you will continue to get them. Make sure you pick out every single nit, or else more will hatch.

How to get rid of lice?

RAID! But they're in her hair... hmm... have you tried asking the pharmacist?

How to get rid of lice?

There are two options, either purchase a special lice-removing shampoo and use, then continue wasking hair more often theu currently doing with reguler shampoo once gone. If that doesn't work, the only other option is to shave all the hair off to get rid of lice.

Consult your doctor for best advice.

How to get rid of lice?

you have to wash all the bedding, clothing, stuffed animals, pillows, hats, jackets with hoods, hoodie sweat-shirts, hairbrushes and combs.......anything your daughter has come in contact with , at the same time you do the head also have to be diligent and pick the nits out with that special comb. You should repeat the treatment after a week ( and YES, this means washing all that stuff again !! )

if this does not work, you may want to check out your daughters play-mates.......she may just be getting re-infected from whomever she got them from in the first place.

Kids pass them around easily...and more often than you think.....

and cleanliness / dirtiness has NOTHING to do with lice.....even the cleanest kids / homes can get them...

How to get rid of lice?

you can use tea tree oil it is good for alot of things you can buy it at your local walmart.

How to get rid of lice?

you have to place every item that she comes in contact with in a plastic bag and close it up for a few days. get some lice spray and spray every piece of furniture that she has been sitting on. her bed, pillows.etc. they lay eggs on everything. after you spray the furniture, vacuum. she may have to start school late. as this is somewhat of a problem. the schools won't allow her in if she still has them. good luck. here is a site that tells you how

How to get rid of lice?

Lady pls dont use oil.. it isnt gonna work %26amp; is gonna make your problem worse. The recurrance is becuase your not getting their eggs. Please follow the three step process to a lice free head:

1. Please cut her hair to managable proportions if it is too long.

(pls dont go overboard or she'll end up having a nightmare at school!)

2. The most effective tool against lice is a comb and a sharp eyesight. Take a fine comb and remove all the lice you can. Also carefully look out for the eggs that they lay on the hair strands.(these are like small white round grains of sand, stuck to either the top or middle of hair strands).

3. Use a good mild anti-lice shampoo (ask your doc/pharmacist). Do NOT use anything strong. Keep using the shampoo for atleast 2-3 weeks as follow-up.

Check out for more info on Lice %26amp; Lice Infection treatment.

How to get rid of lice?

iv'e always found "nice 'n' clear" it's a shampoo that u use bout 3 times and they r all gone!! try it ,ithink u get it from sainsburrys!

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